Monday, December 24, 2012

Sweet Giving

I love holidays. I love the joy and warmth I feel when I think of my friends and family, and of the holiday traditions we have. My husband brought in the family tradition of a Christmas eve party, so that the family as a whole can celebrate the holiday together, and still have Christmas morning together in their smaller units. As our family has grown and spread, other holidays have changed too. Thanksgiving is now more of a shared cooking experience, and will be done at alternating homes. Christmas morning also now has a second part, where we take turns, each year, traveling to each others home for brunch and the last of the gift giving. Most years, this also includes a semi-secret Santa gift exchange for the adults. It never stays secret for very long!

This year, my husband and I decided to do something both selfish and charitable. And I bet your wondering how we can do both at the same time? We decided to support Sweet Hope Foundationthey exist to improve the lives of orphaned children around the world. Candy just happens to be their largest annual fundraiser. So not only do we get the lovely warm fuzzies knowing our money is going to help orphans around the world, but we get delicious sweets in return. See? Selfish and charitable!

2 dozen Sea Salt Caramels and 1 dozen Assorted Truffles

Aside from getting to nom on lovely handmade sweets, I love that our purchase also helps others in a very real way.  I am hoping to make charitable giving another new tradition for or family. 

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